Friday, September 25, 2009

killin me chemically

ochem [organic chemistry] should be added to the list of bad words.
it's like a waking nightmare, that apparently i'm the only one suffering form.

i wish there was a bright side :(


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hate is a Strong Word [2]

So here I am blogging instead of studying for my Bio-chem and O Chem tests…YEP. That’s my life.


3) Lame Parties

2) Organic Chemistry

1) Guys trying to hook up their boys with my friends, while they run game on me


Man this first one is pretty self explanatory. There’s just nothing good about a lame party. REALLY. It’s not only a waste of time, but also of an outfit, shoes and MAKE-UP. To be honest “alright” parties are worse than lame parties. They have the potential to be GOOD/FUN but never seem to be able to cross that boundary line. I don’t know what is holding them back, good music, good looking guys (& girls i guess) whatever. But I don’t think I can go to another [less than] mediocre party again.

Organic Chemistry! I HATE this class. Like SERIOUSLY despise this class. I didn’t learn it the first time. So now being in O chem 2 doesn’t make things any easier. Plus the professor doesn’t seem to even KNOW the material. She just basically copies down her notes onto the board. THANKS. But whatever. The semester has only JUST started.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced this one. But if a guys has ever approached you and (assuming you too were interested) wanted to hang out, have you noticed that they’ll often bring a friend(s). And I’m talking more than just your average wingman position. But to the extent where even the friend expects something too. I don’t know how to better explain it. But come on, I’ve never seen girls try and force their friends on the buddies of a guy they were tryna chop up at a club [or OUTSIDE of one]. It’s just so annoying.

-“…you got any friends my boys could hang out with…?”

Um NO, why don’t you just keep him/them at home? Seriously. It’s just a huge pet peeve of mine.



She’s a Very Freaky Girl…


Man, hot mess.


Gucci was my ish back in freshman year though.

I’m getting so old.



Friday, September 18, 2009

grains of sand

So for some reason high school went by extra slow, but now that I'm in college I feel as though it's passed me. I went to sleep a freshman and some how woke up a junior. School started the 8th and already two weeks from now I have an Organic Chemistry test (the room is spinning! like I feel ultra dizzy, I'll try and ignore it.). Anyway where has all this time gone? I don't know.

Not that any of that is any excuse to not keep up with blogging. I'll do better. Weekends are definitely more open, dispite my constant attempts to study O Chem (the BANE of my existence)!!
Any who I'll be taking pictures of my room (I just got a's HUGE, so I'm motivated) and posting them.

I've been good otherwise and settling in. There's an Alpha (Black Frat) party tonight that two of my close friends and I are going to, as well as a party tomorrow that we'll all be attending. It should be fun. I'm excited, anything to take my mind off of sulfides/thioethers and the acid catalyzed ring opening of epoxides. Just typing that gave me a headache (bright side the room is no longer spinning).

Anyway I'm gonna continue to study before my ASA board meeting (African Student Association).

Catch ya on the flip side.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Top 5 AHOLICs [5]

5) Malta

4) Post-Its

3) Daddy’s Girls

2) Habanero peppers

1) Tattoos




Malta, it’s hard to describe unless you already know what it is. It’s a drink [non-alcoholic] that you can get from specialty stores [African, Indian or Asian]. Brewed from barley, hops and water [corn and caramel color can be added]. DELICIOUS!



I’m an avid note taker. I love leaving myself notes all over the place. My old room had a wall of Post-Its with random things on them. Song titles to phone numbers, you name it I’ve noted it and posted it. I especially love the bright colors that they come in, the highlighter yellow pads are ok, but I’m a fan of the Lime Green and Hot Pink. It makes keeping my thoughts together entertaining.

I’m usually not a fan of spin offs, especially because it means that character is no longer on the original show [which ultimately is being canceled or something equally lame]. But, along with a few other exceptions, the show Daddy’s Girls is one I love watching. I like Vanessa and Angela’s personalities and SOME of the friends and family they have on the show. Although Angela can be a little too much at time. I’m addicted to it. Add in that I LOVE Pastries [the shoe brand that they made/own/run] it’s pretty much a done deal.

Your probably like Habanero peppers?! What? Yeah I know. But they are so good, not that I eat them alone, that would be TOOOOOOOO spicy. But when incorporated into foods, it’s FANTASTIC. They are habanero_picone of the spiciest peppers ever [YUM]. We usually put them in our stews/soups [a term for the sauce used to eat rice, pounded yams etc basically any African, Nigerian cuisine] to spice them up and add flavor. I just recently started cooking Nigerian food [a necessity now that I don’t have access to dorm food] so as I was learning to make different things I started to really appreciate the taste that the pepper brings to the plate.

TATTOOS! Man I LOVE tattoos. I always have, and always will. I have three and I want a few more [especially nautical inspired ones]. But wanting doesn’t mean I’ll actually get them. I loved watching Miami Ink on TLC, good show, not a fan of LA Ink though [a SPIN-OFF]. Tattoos are a great way of expressing your self and things that are important to you. Not a fan of getting tattoos to just get them, the one that have meanings are the BEST [these things are permanent]. I secretly want a sleeve [a tattoos that cover my whole arm] and a tramp stamp BUT those are two locations that I’ll never do, for OBVIOUS reasons. I’ll definitely update ya’ll if I do get another one [or two tats].

My tats






Friday, September 4, 2009

i got a question…

should i get ride of my music?

guillotinei find that i mute my comp when i’m on my page just so i don’t hear “i got an ass so big like the sun” all the time [granted i’m also at my house so it wouldn’t be appropriate, but yeah]

so what do ya’ll think. should i get rid of it [thought bout making an anology to a certain celeb failed career but i changed my mind]?



maybe so?

ya’ll don’t care either way?




where ma peeps at?


i’m so tired…but i gotta finish this packin like YESTERDAY…so i’ll continue to do it…ugh.

anyway where is everyone…i mean SURE it’s 5:30AM and a school “night” but come on…lol…

i’m so bored i need to get my butt off the internet and back to the laundry room…


c u l8r alligator…


[i’ve decided to sign my more “personal” blogs with my “name” instead of my alias]

runnin on E!

E as in excitement, not empty or ecstasy (although that doesn’t sound to bad, not the drug, but the feeling, i don’t do drugs).

flapperI was shopping with my mother today. Had fun and literally bought a truck load of stuff for my room & bathroom. My color scheme is red/burgundy, cream and brown-y-black. Think Parisian/flapper themed posters etc. I haven’t gotten any paintings and knick-knacks to tie in the room, but I will once I’m settled. I’ll probably stray from the theme, just cuz that’s how I am, but that’s ok.

Today is my mother’s birthday she’s in her late 40’s and I baked her a cake. I’m so sweet, just like the cake was mmm. It’s sad that the ONLY baking I did all summer was the night before I left. I LOVE baking. I’m not really a cook, if you give me a recipe I can follow it and it’ll turn out great, but I can’t cook from memory yet. Just a week or two ago my mom taught me how to make stew and jellof rice [Nigerian cuisine] so that I could make it when I got to school. Can you image, I’ve been eating this stuff since I was a baby and I’m JUST now learning to make it. But it’s a good thing I don’t only intend on marrying a Nigerian man, cuz he’ll be sorely mistaken if he thinks I’m the only one going to be cooking.

But yeah, we shopped till we dropped, mostly from hunger. Then got our nails done. Two of my nails are chipping from all the hard labor that I’ve done since I got home :( [I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS].

Just got off the phone with my bf, and while I was talking to him I googled this light bulb that I need for my lamp. SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME WHY I SHOULD PAY $30 FOR A FRICKEN LIGHT BULB! I can buy a whole NEW lamp for that much, GEEZ! If I don’t get a new lamp, I’ll just make my dad pay for the bulb since HE bought me the lamp. MAN!

I’m leaving at 5:30pm and won’t get to the cities till around 8pm…then there’s a party my friends and I want to go to at 11pm…WOW I have no time to do what I need to do.

Anyway I’m going to go start my laundry and trudge through the mess I call a room…

Next post…Top 5 AHOLICs (hopefully, I have the list just have to detail it…to lazy)


Thursday, September 3, 2009

4EVER Twenty-1 L<3VE

So finally, after having had a FULL basket this whole summer on I actually ordered some of the stuff I wanted. I’d waited so long that a lot of the stuff that was originally there went out of stock :( but I totally love what I got. I already have a lot of clothes and as I’m getting older, I want to acquire clothes that will reflect that maturity [for the most part anyway, because I LOVE sneakers and tees]. I also want things that will work with items I already have and that are still MY style.

Basically I LOVE Forever 21.

blogtopLOVE it, (cuz I actually would)- SALE $6.99


Imagine with royal blue or mustard colored leggings & jewelry- $19.80


Love button downs over skinnies or leggins- $10.50


What can I say, if these don’t make my butt bigger then I don’t know what will [my butts not all that small]- $17.80


I do think he’s lovely, and HOT, I’d DEFINALTY baROCK Obama’s world (LMAO I’m a mess)- $19.00

***My opinions on President Obama’s attractiveness have nothing to do with my political affiliation. I don’t “affiliate” with any party, mostly because I can not vote [I am 20, BUT only a permanent resident of this country and not yet a citizen] so don’t misinterpret my statement above.***


LOVE the color and the print- SALE $8.99


adore the safety pin detail, grey is such a pretty color- $17.80

So cute, <3 ruffles- SALE $14.99


Total=$115.87 [thank you F21 for free shipping!]

That’s not bad compared to what it started out as at the beginning of summer [over $400!].

To bad that’s not all the shopping I'll be doing…still need to order those Creative Recs [below]!!!


And I WANT these next…


Mmm…off to bed. Shop till I drop! And I have another day of apartment shopping with my Mom to look forward to tomorrow. YAY!

Retail Therapy works wonders, even if you don’t have any problems at the moment.


“…so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night…”


a.FAIR with a Sexpot

Went to the fair today with a hometown buddy. I had fun. We won a goldfish and named him Sexpot [after me ;)]. He’s of mix decent, cuz she’s white and I'm black, but he’s a trooper and he’ll adjust well to his new environment. He already has to brothers Spike and Silver, so he won’t be lonely. I love that I’m talking about him, not even sure the gender, like he is really actually thinking these things.

Anyway fair food is amazing [-ly overpriced], I had funnel cake [YUM], freshly cut fries and gyros [first time].

Me and Lil Saint [my friend] got heckled by the carnival workers to play the games. At THOSE prices [naw], plus i didn’t bring that much cash because I didn’t want to waste it at the fair [that and I dropped nearly $125 on clothes from earlier today]

  • food is great [though expensive]
  • games are ok
  • stay away from rides [I”m afraid of heights]
  • carnies are kinda scary

Over all I had an a good time. Looked good and bonded wit my girl Lil Saint and G-Baby [me] 4 life. <= If you’ve seen Hardball and You Got Served you’ll know who those people are.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

don’t worry, be happy…

So ya’ll are probably like DANG this girl is STILL up…yeah…I know!

Blogger is on my –AHOLICs list, same with Twitter and Facebook all of which are demanding my attention at 3AM.

But this is just a short post.

faceI didn’t want my only Sept posts so far to be so negative, not that the first one was. But I did complain a lot in it. [It’s Face from Nick Jr ==>]

Don’t expect a lot, if any more post like “I refuse to RIDE jocks…” that was just me reacting to various things I guess. I’m not “mad” at anyone or whatever. Just find the way things [often by the media] are perpetuated to be uncalled for and disheartening. Has anyone ever seen the movie Paparazzi? Watch it. Yeah it’s all very unfortunate.

There are more important things in life, and yeah, my blog might be right there with all other superficial things, but this is just for fun. I have other passions, concerns etc [I’ll do a blog about some eventually].

I don’t know. Thought I’d get that off my chest. I’ve been doing a lot of unloading (lmao).

smile-monkyI was going to include a picture of someone pooping, but it would be too vulgar and just plain GROSS. Then I thought about pix of the paparazzi, and I found it funny that there are so many pictures of the THEM, lol.

“dropping some brown friends off as sea” <= LMAO, not really, thought it was funny and appropriate for the situation (if you don’t get it means TAKING A DUMP, POOPING, TAKING A DOOKIE, SH*TING)


I refuse to RIDE jocks…

I'm not jumping on any kind of bandwagon thanks, you can go to the next stop with that one.

This is not to say that I don’t really like anyone/styles [Pink, Keri Hilson, lil Wayne, Beyonce, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Marc Jacobs, 80’s etc etc] and obviously this is a blog about obsessions. BUT I am not obsessing over, addicted to, hating, loathing [or whatever] something just because everybody and they mama is doing the same thing. Not to say that some of my topics wont’ coincide wit fads, songs etc that are current BUT that’s not what it’s ALL going to be about. *I’m not saying it’s wrong to do jock or anything, it’s part of what people do, they see something and they react, and sometimes it the same reaction across the board. I’m just going to shy away from it, or keep it on the low.

My blog is going to be as chill and non controversial as it gets. WHY? Because that’s the kind of person that I am, i have my opinions on things, but I also like I spoke about in a previous blog refuse to shove my ideals onto others [see Urge to Regurge]  . That ship doesn’t dock here, sorry. I’m not going to force anyone to like or dislike anything, just going to say how I feel about it and be done with it.

I’m not going to board the Rihanna loving, or Cassie hating train, thanks but no thanks. I didn’t like or dislike either of them and I'm still just as apathetic as I was before.

I will also NOT be carpooling with the Chris Brown haters. This might upset a lot of people. But, just un-FOLLOW this is my blog if it offends you that much. He is a human, just like the rest of us, he makes mistakes and isn’t perfect. He also apologized, which is good, so unless another body surfaces then people need to get off his neck.

Wasn’t Michael's molestation charges overlooked TWICE? Just asking, not that I believe or disbelieve [is that a word?] he did it the first or any other times.

Didn’t R. Kelly have a sex scandal with a 14 year old?

President Clinton…”I did not have sexual relations with that woman”.

Not to mention the NUMOUROUS sex tapes that LITTER the internet [Paris, Ray J, Kim Kardashian, Raven].

Not that those are all in the category as the beating, BUT they are all mistakes that these PEOPLE [they are people first THEN celebrities] made.

Chris has the misfortune of being in the spot light, what he did was wrong. there’s no if, ands, or buts about that. I won’t argue against that. Obviously, but he is not the ONLY person to do wrong, he just happens to be one of few who’s mistakes are broadcast across the world and has repercussions to a greater magnitude than say Joe Shomoe who raped and murdered Jane Doe.

Look at me still up at 2AM. Need to sleep.

hasta la vista [baby ;)]


Just another MANIC Monday, no Tue, ACTUALLY Wed…

Well quite obviously I’m confused and tired. Slept late last night, around 3 or something I don’t really remember. This morning woke up at 5AM to drive to Minneapolis to help my lil bro move into his dorm, he’s a freshman at the U of M [where I go as well]. Man it was a long day, my mom and I pretty much set up his whole room while he had to go do some freshman stuff.

It wasn’t the set-up that got to me, it was the shopping afterwards. And I know you’re all probably gasping at those “blasphemous” words [esp as an –AHOLIC] but this wasn’t any kind of shopping, this was apartment shopping with my MOTHER. UGH. Not only was she being her usual nit-picky, thinks she knows what “kids” my age want self, I also had to deal with my FRICKEN period [somebody ripe out my WOMB please], lower back pains, sore feet and not to mention the tiredness. GEEZ. My friends and I like to joke about how OLD we are getting and feeling. But I honestly feel more than a little geriatric (aka old) sometimes. I was folding some clothes on the floor and both of my knees and my back cracked EXTRA loud and painfully just from the effort of getting up.

Well I’ll quite my belly-aching, no worries. Anyways I’m happy with the stuff that I picked up today, still need A LOT more stuff though. I’ll defiantly take pix of my room & bathroom once it’s set up, who knows when that’ll be though.

I’m blogging from my new laptop! I’m so happy. I’ve had my previous one since junior year in high school [Christmas gift 2006]. But it was definitely time for an upgrade [thank you Daddy].

I don’t really want this post to turn into a diary entry, but I just feel like telling ya’ll about every minute detail of my day. I’ll fortunately refrain. I got back home an hour ago [12:30AM] it’s a 3 hour drive to the Cities [Minneapolis & St Paul] from where I live in lil’ ol’ WissCANsen [where the REAL happy cows are from.] UGH won’t even go into the drive home, which luckily I was able to sleep the majority of, with a stiff neck to show for it.

But let me not bore you with my complaints.

I’m probably going to sleep now, or read till I fall asleep. [Reading is definitely on the –AHOLICs list, I’m an AVID reader, of romances, all things Janet Evanovich, mystery, anthropological, fashion, gossip etc etc].


“Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow,

That I shall say good night till it be morrow.”