Saturday, May 28, 2011

shop-a-HAUL-ic [3]

[Mostly May...] I went thrifting awhile ago and I had done some other shopping [at the usual places] while looking for a graduation dress a few days ago. Here's the swag...

Part 1: Thrift and Target

Part 2: Charlotte Russe, Forever 21 & H&M


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hate is a Strong Word [4]

1. changes on FB
2. "Jack in the boxes"
3. apartment shopping

I don't know if you've noticed but it seems that every other day there's a new feature or change on Facebook. They like to sneak them in thinking we won't notice, BUT WE DO!!! I am NOT amused. I want things back to they way there were. It was just last week that I realized my "status updates" weren't even real statuses anymore. They were just comments that happen to be directed at everyone and seen on peoples timeline. KIND OF LIKE TWITTER. I already have a Twitter account, I don't need another one.
Don't get me wrong there are some changes that I like [the ones with uploading pictures and the larger albums]. But the positives are few and far between. There isn't anything I can do about it, but I just thought I'd get it off my chest.

JACK IN THE BOXES... no I'm not referencing the toys or the fast food chain [that's the name right]. A "jack in the box" is a euphamism I came up with to describe someone who JACKS your swag, ideas, life, men etc etc and trys to portray them as their own. And while doing so they hide behind a fasade, either through "friendship", great distances, different cirlces of friends etc.
They're like copy cats, but scarier. Definitely add a touch of stalker to it, like the whole fan vs stan [stalker fan] thing.
Yes I know "imitation is the best form of flattery" but REALLY! Compliments, patronage, money, those are forms of flatter I can live with. Imitation is just creepy. Obviously originality, especially in our day an again is hard to come by. And I'm in no way implying that I or anyone else is the end-all-be-all of all things. But when for example I say or do something and not even an hour later the same thing [if I'm lucky slightly changed] comes up from these "Jacks" it just puts me on edge.

UGH! This is probably one of the few times I won't enjoy "shopping". I don't know maybe it's the area I'm looking in, the time frame, the price range. Whatever the reason I have NOT been enjoying this particular search. Stressed, so much going on in my life and add on to it that I need to find housing for the fall. SMH, it's not even something I can put off for too long or just not do. The only upside to this is that I'll have my own place [preferably a two bedroom so I can have a studio for my art and sewing stuff] that I can decorate however I like.

Whelp glad to have that out of the way....


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vblog: your WORST nightmare...well mine anyway

[Stereotypical horror movie music plays in the background.] Shrinkage!!!!!

Is that water?? [Ducks head]. Despite being natural I find myself still avoiding water [unintentional encounters anyway].

Yep, moisture is my nemesis. I like to joke with my boyfriend. But it's true, my hair shrinks to about 25% of it's length [if my hair is 8 inches long it will curl up so tightly that it looks like it's only 2 inches long].


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 5 AHOLICS [9]

We have a couple repeat offenders, but what else do you expect from addicts? Lol, the arrival of summer has really impacted this list.

1. wedges
2. maxi dresses
3. natural hair blogs
4. bright colors
5. graduations

Wedges, I'm loving these. They are definitely easier to walk in and add a touch of spring/summer to any look. Wedges work especially well as an alternative to regular heels. I think they might actually be easier to walk in. I've been wearing heels for what feels like forever so I can't be too sure. But I think they're at the least easier to balance on [because they have more surface area touching the ground].

They totally edge up a look like these gray mesh wedges, the peep toe and side foot cleavage are a sexy little touch.
I love these espadrilles from Aldo, they'd look good with a color blocked outfit or cute little sun-dress.
Ellington $70
I need this shoes [below] in my life!!! They no doubt have the Acholic Stamp of Addiction! From Aldo as well.
Forwood $70

Despite my petite stature I enjoy this style of dress. Maxi dresses can be very slimming and elongating, when done correctly. For the most part I can leave them as is because I'd wear them with wedges or shoes with some sort of heel. But if I was to pair them with flats or sandals I'd have to hem them, which is something I'd advise for all my "fun size" readers. Don't want to look like we're drowning in fabric do we, lol.

Like all other type of clothing, balancing proportions and patterns is key to making a look work [ex. keep the size of print proportionate to your body]. A different take on the Maxi dress is the Maxi skirt. I've yet to try this out, but the concept is the same. I'll just have to keep myself from drowning. Both of which I plan on making, as soon as a I get my hands on a cute fabric [will post pictures when that happens].

Another thing I love about Maxi's even though they are decidedly a summer style dress, they can definitely be carried over to spring and fall given the right accessories and layering. That is enough for me to want to buy more [like I REALLY needed a reason]!

Natural Hair Blogs- I want to go on and on about this, but I've touched on this in a previous top 5 [#7 here]. These are some NEW blogs that I've been reading faithfully and LOVE LOVE LOVE. Definitely read them. And NO you don't have to be natural to enjoy their content. All three talk about natural hair, but they also touch on fashion, beauty, and various topics relating to black women.
-K is for Kinky
-Black Girl with Long Hair
-for the Fabulous and Frugal [previously College Curlies]

When spring FINALLY rolls around we are blessed with a beautiful array of colors, and I don't mean from nature. Take a look at what everyone is wearing. Spring brings out the brightest of out wardrobes. I love it. Designers all seem to be trying to out do themselves when compared to the previous years color palettes. A new trend that highlights [pun intended] this is color blocking. Wendy [Wendy's Look Book] does a great job of color blocking, especially for those who are hesitant to try out this trend.
For the braver souls take a page from the runway and try your own versions of these looks.
I love all of these looks, especially that yellow skirt and light blue top.
Orange and pink, love it. Heart those pants.

GRADUATIONS!!!! This one is VERY obvious. I'm so excited to be done with college! Bachelors of Science in Biology!!!!!!!!! Yep I'm obsessed with my degree, to bad they don't actually give it to you on the day of graduation. But still my elation wavers not!

Thats all folks, stay tuned for more of my Top 5's. I've already started 2 more lists :) 



I am an official graduate of the U. WOOT! wish they had a card you can carry in your wallet to show that you are a graduate.

It feels so good to be DONE! DONE! DONE!
No I did NOT throw my cap.

I took NO pictures of my graduation outfit [what I wore under the cap and gown]. I feel bad, I could have saved the dress and just gone naked. Just kidding. But I was surprised as the lack of care some people had for there appearance and dress on such an important day. To each his own I guess.

Side note: my hide your hair challenge is over! I'm facing a new issue, and that's getting back in sync with styling my hair. I might just carry out the wig wearing lol.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

menswear, androgyny & Jenelle Monae...OTTD [2]

This is an outfit from last Friday that I wore. If you didn't tie in the title and the picture, take a second look.

Top: F21- $8.90
Pants: H&M- $7
Necklace: Charlotte Russe- $1.99
Shoes: Goodwill/Target- $4

I love those shoes and have only gotten a chance to wear them twice. But I loved the pairing. That necklace! I nearly fainted when I found it on sale, it was the LAST ONE!!! It was a cute little feminine touch to the menswear look. I was definitely feeling myself that day, #swag.

Despite the fact that the world is filled with double standards, in my opinion women totally benefit from one. And that's androgyny [fashion wise], I love that women can pull of menswear and still look sexy and sophisticated. This however isn't always the case for men, sorry guys. It's only fair since we got saddled with childbirth and menstruation.

Just kidding, well...anyway menswear is just another facet of open for exploration. Take some inspirations form there starlets...

Menswear gone [all the way] WRONG! YIKES!
Sorry RiRi, try again
Celine- that voice :) ...this suit :(
They missed the mark...but they your bold enough to do it. That counts for something, right?

On to the next one...

The queen, or king if we're going off attire, of menswear is Jenelle Monae.
Jenelle looking spicy in this white tux jacket.
If you're able, try and find a picture of her in a dress. She calls it her uniform, best looking one I've seen! Whether or not you like her style or thinks she's this or that, you certainly can't deny that she can sing.
Tightrope- Jenelle Monae (Ft B.o.B & Lupe Fiasco)


Monday, May 9, 2011

Hate is a Strong Word [3]

MN weather

Cramps, the menstrual kind. Ugh, if you are a post pubescent female than you feel my pain, literally. I won't wax poetic on this one.

This list, arrgh. I just can't...but onwards I must.

The weather. several posts ago I mentioned that it had snowed in April. Need I say more. I'm a big believer in global warming and in the signs of the Apocalypse, but man does SNOW in late spring have to be one of them??? I hope I'm not alone on this sentiment.

Speaking of spring, spring cleaning anyone? No really, if you'd like to come and clean my room/closet I'm be much obliged. I loath cleaning and I know some of you are like "then don't make a mess"...well #$*% you. I think it's because I'm a procrastinator and inherently lazy, but I really don't like cleaning up. Especially if the mess is overwhelming, but I think my room gets this way on its own. No really, if I can lose socks, why can't clothes just "appear" on the floor? Huh? Yep, you see the logic right.
This right here is NOT me.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

Je Records Presents...

I know this won't come as a surprise to you, but I'm kinda famous! Lol, I know, I'm working on the modesty [not].

But seriously ya girl F3MB0T [me] was featured in a HOT NEW video by the upcoming artist Osoflex.

Check it out
Bust Ma Head
Osoflex feat. Illmyk & dsp
Record: Je Records
Produced by: IR Media House

enjoy ;)


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Top 5 AHOLICS [8]

Dark wash jeans
Curly hair
Jumpsuits [NO not the orange kind]

Wigs! I'm slowly building my collection of wigs, currently I have 4 very different ones. Curly, straight, long and short I want it all! I really want to get a lace front wig, curly and synthetic. Need to really, but in the mean time I've made a quick weave wig. It was on a whim actually, the day before I made it I had been watching Youtube videos [no surprise there] and was inspired to make one. I'm fairly creative, modest aren't I, but I'm not really good with "doing hair"-weaves, extension etc. So I was definitely apprehensive about making this one. But to my surprise it was easy and turned out FANTASTICALLY.

Part of my new found obsession with wigs is due to the fact that my friend and I are on a hide you hair challenge. It started January 1st and is ending on the 14th of this month [our graduation]. When we made the agreement I wasn't so sure I could do it, but wigs have been a godsend. My hair has retained so much length from the reduced manipulation, I love it! I definitely will be continuing the low manipulation, wig wearing habit after the challenge is done.

Try challenging yourself to something like this, using braids, weaves, wigs, etc. Do whatever keeps your hands out of your hair and keeps hair on your head!

If you saw my first outfit of the day post/video [here] you'll know I'm loving the turban trend. I feel so, I don't know, cool in it, plus it's a great alternative to a wig or hat! Turbans just make a look that much more fabulous. I especially like using African cloths [Ankara] to tie mine, but anything will work really.
Fashion Turban
My take

Dark wash jeans, what don't they go with??? Honestly I think this particular wash compliments all body types in all cuts. Personal favorite is the straight leg/skinny jean. The best part of this wash is that it really dresses of an outfit but you still get the comfort and versatility of it being a jean.

This next one I don't have much to say, and perhaps in on the list due to my personal bias. But my blog, my list :) . Curly hair, I LOVE it. I cant rave to much about this, but I will say I wish I'd never gotten a relaxer. Honestly until I had to go natural I never really thought of an alternative to getting a perm and having straight hair. Now that I think about it, it's almost unbelievable, not that everyone should be natural, blah blah blah. Just sharing my thoughts.

It could be the 80's baby in me, but jumpsuits will always be in for me. Not that I'm really an avid follower of trends. But regardless I love them. There are so many styles of jumpsuits, and I'm going to include rompers, that everyone should be able to find one that works for them. I love black ones, brightly colored ones and especially ones with fun/bold prints. I picked up one from H & M on sale that's a leopard print so hot!


Thursday, May 5, 2011

my apologies

I've been super busy these past few weeks, seeing as this is my LAST SEMESTER IN COLLEGE!!! I've been finishing up classes, studying for finals etc etc so much in fact I've neglected the blog :(. I also had a friend over for the weekend a few weeks ago. There so much to update ya'll on but for now I'm gonna try and finish up school then I'll direct my focus this way, PROMISE.