Sunday, September 30, 2012

OOTW [3]

These are some of the looks I wore this week. Hope you enjoy and are inspired. Let me know what you think. Had fun taking the pictures, which is why there are so many.

I'm switching over to OOTD (outfits of the days), so this might be one of the last (or few) OOTW I do.

Monday: "Grunge-day"
I had a LOT of fun with this look. Especially the fishnet tights. 
90s grunge meets country. [love my DIY shorts]

Tuesday: Armed n Gorgeous 

 Friday: Spotted in Peplum
Loved the exposed gold zipper on the back of this top.
The look was kinda 70s inspired.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

FOTD: Ombre Lips

Get ready with me. Went out with my roommate Thursday night this is the make up look that I did. It was inspired by Tymetheinfamous's video I posted in Daily Dose [8]. Pictures below.

Let me know what you think.


Daily Dose [9]

I'm ALL about Ankara inspired fashions love these looks. What do you think?
 Rock it or knock it?


Friday, September 28, 2012

Eye Do Too [2] - Barbie

I watched the first Barbie makeup look and was inspired to watch some more. Hope you enjoy the looks.

I like the last 2 looks not only because they work for darker skintones but also because they use colors other than pink. A different side or take on the "Barbie" look.

I loved this Barbie look. Reminds me of the 60's makeup looks.
Pixiwoo- Barbie 80s Make-up

Tymetheinfamous- Purple & Pink Disco Barbie Makeup Tutorial w Glitter! 
Skip to 3:40 to watch the makeup tutorial.

DestinyGodley- Blue Purple Eyeshadow tutorial | Easy RETRO Black BARBIE
The turquoise color just POPS on darker skin tones.

ColoredBeautiful- Foxy Barbie Transformation (Black Barbie Series #1) 
This look is FABULOUS the contacts really take it to the next level.

Let me know which is your fav or which one you tried.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daily Dose [8]

LOVE LOVE LOVE this lip look!
Tymetheinfamous- RITA ORA 3D Red Lips for the Fall! 

Trend Watch: Peplum

This trend followed us from spring to summer now into fall. Who's gonna be surprised if it's still around in winter, not I.

Anyway peplum tops or even skirts are really classic and help accentuate your waist, no matter the size. They are versatile, cute and should be added to your list of things to buy.
Here are some different takes on the style

WendysLookBook- Pairings: Peplum


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pretty n Pink

SOOOOO as a treat/to make up for not posting yesterday (and almost today) I did a makeup "tutorial" for you guys. Well that was the plan anyway. You see what had happened was... Long story short unbeknownst to me my camera shut off halfway thru the look. SMH. I was so mad. Anyway I still managed to put a lil something together. Enjoy. (If you can't watch the video I added pictures at the bottom so you can see the completed look. Thanks for watching!

SN: I'm using some of the new brushed I ordered last week.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Daily Dose [7]

Loved this look and it's super easy to recreate. I'm feeling more and more tempted to make videos...just for the blog (maybe).
Anyway that lipstick is hot.

Holmique- Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Erica Dixon Makeup Tutorial

The back of this dress is sexy.

Missing my twists (not enouogh to put them back though), but her braids are bangin.

This makes me miss the summer. Love their hair and style.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

OOTW [2]

Some of my looks this past week

Monday: Rocker Red

Wednesday: Orange You Glad

Friday: Wild n Free

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Protective Styling

I'm was attempting a 1 year (or at least a 9 month, well maybe until December) hide your hair challenge. The path is paved with good intentions...and I have every intention of keeping to it. Really! I do. It's already been one month. Just 11 ( 8 or 4) more to go lol.

Woah, let me back track for those non naturals or people not used to the terms that I'm gonna be using in this and many other posts.

Wash and go (w&g): a natural hair style, when you literally wash your hair and go. You can also add gels to help define curls but there is usually very little manipulation or "styling" done to the hair and curls check out some cute w&g here and here.

Protective styling: Protective styling is just that! These are styles that protect the ends of the hair from rubbing, splitting, and being damaged by the elements. Essentially trying to prevent or reduce breakage in the hopes of retaining length.

Hide you hair challenge: A hide you hair challenge is basically protective styling for an extended period of time. From 1 month to a year or more. This can be accomplished either with braids, wigs, weaves etc whatever you like doing to protect your hair.

Curly Girl method: The long and short of it is that you don't wash your hair with shampoos and when you do they should be sulfate free (unless you want to clarify your hair). To wash your hair you use silicone free conditioners, doing frequent co-washes and simple styles like wash and gos. 

I miss my hair so much. I'm not used to not having access to it. Lately I've been following the Curly Girl (CG) Method, which I will discuss in a later post, and as a result have done a lot of wash and gos. But when I'm not doing a w&g I rock wigs.

Despite loving my wigs and being a great protective style I decided that I wanted long twists (a result of the long braid craze of this summer). I've had super long braids 3 times and though they were cute they were also very heavy and kind of damaging to my edges :(. I opted for twist because 1) it was a style I could install myself 2) they were lighter 3) it was unique and 4) it was easy.

I love them, I do and they are everything listed above. But nothing compares to you natural hair. Being able to rock a cute bantu knot out or a curly fro. Sigh. I must stay strong!!

(I still had my twists in when I started this post, took them out on Tues so I'm back to my wigs. Turns out I could only stand not touching my hair for 4 weeks.)

I think protective styling is a great option because it really helps retain length and decreases the "hand in hair syndrome" and manipulation. I've personally seen tremendous length retention from wearing wigs and having such a low maintenance routine.

This is my second time doing a hide your hair challenge, my first one went from end of 2010 till right before my college graduation in 2011. This was also when I first started wearing wigs as an alternative to weaves (I stopped wearing weaves after a bad experience). 

Anyway here some more helpful info about protective styling...

The Science of Black Hair- Protective Styling For Healthier Hair

BGLH- 9 Time Saving Natural Hair Care Tips, Protective Styling Do's and Dont's & Real Style: 8 Gorgeous Protective Styles from the BGLH Forum

Naptural85- All About Protective Styles! "Natural Hair" 5 Protective Styles to Try What Are Protective Hairstyles?

But just in case.

BGLH- 5 Signs That Protective Styling Is Not for You

wash and go

Protective styles
The styles don't have to be complicated (below)
MsVaughnTV- FALL back into Protective Styling! - A Hair Styling Tutorial for Naturals

Hope this helps.