Friday, November 27, 2009

“…I don’t want you to cross the street…”

Hey everyone…I know it’s been a while. I've just been ULTRA busy with school. I’ve had this written for a LONG time. I’ve been waiting on my room to be clean to take pictures, but as you can see no pix were added [and YES you can conclude that my room is a mess, a PERPETUAL mess]. But enjoy. I’ll try and keep up with posting. But my priorities are with my education. Love ya’ll. Happy Thanksgiving., hope you’re enjoying time with family and friends.

Those were my mom’s exact words when I told her that I wanted to live in an apartment during this school year. How old am I again, I keep forgetting. Being 5’2” has it’s downsides, and so does looking like a 12 year old most of the time. But HELLO I’ve been crossing the street since I was a child, and that’s part of being a college student [unless you live in Duluth where you have underground tunnels and never have to see the light of day if you don’t want, LUCKY]. But yeah…in the end I got my way.

I”m living in the apartment,the one we’re paying TOO much for. NO really, it’s ridiculous, but it’s close and probably the only place my parents would’ve have been ok with [well obviously since I’m living here now]. They have a theory that the further away I am from campus the less of a student I’ll be. I definitely DON’T see the correlation, but I nod and smile as if I do.

There is one HUMONGOUS problem with this place, the rent aside…NO CLOSET SPACE…all we get are two measly armoires and some under bed drawers…WTF…my cloths are NOT going to all fit in that.

A definite upside is having our own bathrooms and in unit washer/dryer. But that barely over shadows the fact that my clothes can’t breath! I mean HONESTLY this could be manageable if I didn’t shop a lot. If the number of clothes I start out the year with did not increase exponentially by the end.

Enter Improv 101: portable closet and space bags

[side note, I ended up rearranging my room so that I no longer have it set up. but I’m looking into getting a rack for my winter apparel.]

My space bags were emptied out thank goodness, so no pictures. One of them ripped! I’m just a little bit pissed off about that.