Sunday, August 30, 2009

Weddings, Weaves & Walking

I'm a big fan of the Style network, Oxygen and channels like that. I love watching all the wedding oriented shows. It gets me excited for MY big day, although I'm no where near getting married yet. That doesn't stop me from getting ideas, and watching others on their special days.

  • Who's Wedding Is It Anyway
  • Bridzillas
  • Wedding Makeover
  • Masters of Reception
  • Say Yes to the Dress (TLC)
  • Platinum Weddings
  • any shows bout [wedding] cakes or other elaborate cake

For the most part everyone make a beautiful bride, but then you might run across some people that are truly unfortunate. Not really that they aren't attractive, but that doesn't help matters. I don't think I can properly describe what I mean without having you see a clip of the shows that I've seen. But either way, brides are beauties and the grooms aren't half bad themselves. There's just something about weddings that touches my heart. I guess despite being so "tough" and cold and unfeeling as I claim deep deep deep DEEP down I'm just a softie <3 [yeah right].


    BEFORE [hott]        AFTER [just as hott]

Weaves, I'm only going to touch lightly on this subject, only because you saw a little of my opinion on them in my previous post. I enjoy weaves. I just recently started getting them, I tend to favor braids and kinky twists, but one of my BEST friends does it for me so when I'm in between those styles she hooks me up. I've only really done straight and long weaves, but I want to try shorter ones and even curly.


So remember in my first "anti"-aholic list how I included lists with less than three items. Well walking was how I completed this list because otherwise it would've seriously bugged me, plus I enjoyed the alliteration I'd created in the title. I struggled to come up with a third "W" word that I had been recently enjoying. Luckily I had my brother on had for that one. As a college student walking is an essential to getting by, literally. To get to class, or even the bus if you detest bipedal motion, etc. Being a lazy bum the only [well one of the only ;)] form of exercise I get is from walk/jogging/speed walking to class or the bus. And I've actually come to miss it this past summer, where I've been more lazy than usually (hard to believe I know).


I love how a seemingly random choice of words can turn into a ridiculously long post...but it is the "RAMBLINGS of a self-profess -AHOLIC" and not the "short, sweet and concise musing of a brainiac"


Adieu mes amies [good bye my friends-french]


Top 5 AHOLICs [4]

It's that time again! You know, when I shamelessly tell you all the things that I'm currently addicted to. Yep, THAT time. LOL.
5) Weave
4) Curly hair
3) Purse dogs
2) Teen heartthrobs
1) 80's remakes

Man, so a lot of you are probably MAD that WEAVE is on my list. But, and I hate to swear on here, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN! I LOVE weave, but don't get it twisted I LOVE my natural hair MORE. I just appreciated it's versatility is all. I like having the ability to have my natural shoulder length hair one minute and 2-4 hours later mid back, blond hair. It's fun and exciting and a great way to protect my hair, and even if it wasn't I'd still do it.
I am not a naturals are better than perms person, especially when most naturals started out WITH perms, don't EVER forget that. And maybe they [naturals who started out with perms] realized a natural path would be better for THEIR hair but some people don't feel that way. So long as YOUR hair is healthy, natural or otherwise then you are GOOD. Leave others be PERIOD! Sorry that got so long.
I don't even know if anyone REALLY reads this [if you do nob your head, lol, not that that really helps me, but...]curly

Curly hair, not much to say about this one other than I love it. Probably a biased opinion because my hair is curly, but hey it's MY BLOG and MY LIST so suck on that. Lol, VERY juvenile.

I LOVE puppies and kittens and pretty much all babies of any animal. They're SOOO cute. So the best part about purse dogs is that they basically stay the size of puppies they're WHOLE life. That and I think I have a little Paris Hilton in me, the dog loving side, not the sexing tape making, crotch showing, celeb-beefing side.

"Teen" Heartthrobs, I need not explain this just a mini list [keyword was teen, so if they seem young to you that's cuz your old, jk, I'm getting there too though!]

  • Zac Efron
  • Shia LaBouef
  • Chace Crawford
  • I guess the WHOLE cast of Twilight etc (even though I haven't actually seen the movies)
  • Nick Jonas (I had to do it)
  • Soulja Boy (NOT apologizing for that one)
  • Elijah Kelley ( Hairspray, Take the Lead)
  • Micheal Cera (Superbad, Juno etc if you didn't know)
  • William Moseley (The oldest Brother from Narnia)
  • ...and the list goes on
Ok, so we had the summer of the trilogy completion [ Pirates of the Caribbean, Spiderman, etc] we had the summer of Super Hero movies [Iron Man, Hulk, Fantastic Four] you get my drift. I'm just waiting for the wave of 80's remakes! I'm just BARELY an 80's baby [born in 1989] but I LOVE the clothes, some of the hair, and the movies. It's just part of who I am [which is totally awesome!!] So far they're redoing Footloose [which was amazing the first time around, Kevin Bacon YUM] with Chace Crawford (my heart breaks everytime i think about the fact that Zac Efron dropped the role, like REALLY breaks. Also FAME, so excited for that one! Front row, there's just something about teens singing and dancing that gets me excited. Karate Kid is also in the works, I hope the original Mr Miyagi is alive to make a cameo! Hairspray was AMAZING fyi.
Remakes I'd LOVE to see
  • Pretty in Pink *
  • Breakfast Club *
  • Sixteen Candles *
  • Don't Tell Mom the Babysitters Dead
  • Honey I Shrunk the Kids
  • Flashdance *
  • Fast Times and Ridgemont High
  • Dead Poets Society
  • Beetlejuice *
  • Farris Buellers Day Off *
  • A Christmas Story *
  • Ghostbusters
  • Just One of the Guys
  • The NeverEnding Story
  • The Princess Bride *
  • Risky Business *
  • Say Anything *
  • Teen Witch
  • Weird Science *
Yeah the list is long, but I DID say I loved the 80's lol, and that's why it's number one. I missed ALOT but these are the main ones and the ones with asterisk (*) as the ones I REALLY want to see remade.

Caio for now.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hate is a Strong word [1]

This is a possible title for this series...[till I come up with something a little more clever]

Anyways, despite being an "-aholic" I'm also a regular person how has dislikes. I will be expressing those here. Actually not just dislikes, but pet peeves, annoyances, hates things that disgust me, etc etc.

3. List of 2

2. Chipped nails! GEEZ

1. Having my name called repeatedly

I can't stand it when people only have 2 things on a list [verbal or written]. Come on, finish it off! I might be slightly OCD about that one lol. I just want to add one more thing so it's complete. Think of it this way, you learn your ABC's not your AB's or you count 1,2,3 NOT 1,2.

I hate when I spend time to paint my nails and then I accidentally touch them, OR scrap them OR after they've dried the tips chip off. It's SOOO annoying.

My mother, being the African woman that she is, is incapable of doing any work herself, and for some reason refuses to ask my brother [who are often close in proximity to her] for anything. SO instead she calls me, no matter what I am doing, I AM THE ONE THAT GET CALLED or BOTHERED! Ugh!

What annoys you?

On a happier note my YouTube is working again :), but unfortunately I can't load my latest vblog :(.


Thursday, August 27, 2009

Depression, Anxiety, && Cravings!!!

Ok, so I might be overreacting just a little, but what do you expect I'm a -AHOLIC! So, story of my life, my father "blocked" YouTube! AHHH, or something to that effect all I know is is that I can get to the site, BUT it's all screwed up and I can't do anything! UGH!!!! FOR REAL, this man holds my sanity in his hands! I LIVE for YouTube, I watch TV on there, I watch videos, listen to music, talk to friends, learn hairstyle! OMG!! I'm suffering from serious withdrawal symptoms! SOMEBODY SAVE ME!

I have a video to upload! I want to make another video! OMG! I can't breath, I can't eat, I can't sleep! I NEED it!

Ok, in all seriousness I can do all of those things. And luckily I still have this blog, Twitter, & Facebook to settle my social networking fix. BUT still my life is still somehow NOT COMPLETE!

On the upside I move into my apartment in 8 days [meaning I FINALLY get free reign on my Internet usage, no more blocked sites, no more time limits, no more BS]!!!


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Queen B


Love her, or hate her, she's still one of the baddest, most diva-lious women in the business. Did I mention her music is amazing.

Took a quick trip to Wally World [Wal-mart] to get some hair products and got my diva on wit her highness. Gettin it wit Dangerously in Love, Diva, Check On It, Yes, Single Ladies. Man so many good songs. I've been listening to just her songs for the past week and I've not only come to the obvious conclusion that she's more amazing that I thought, but also that I want NEED to go to one of her concerts.

Glad the queen found herself a good king too, so many celebs are in romantic funks, break up after break up. I feel bad for them love's tough.

But back to Beyonce "Mrs Hova Diva" Knowles/Sasha Fierce. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her last album [I am Sasha Fierce], it was hot, banging, stellar, rad, cool, whatever lingo you want to use. Because basically it was that DEAL.

Sweet Dream- Listen

If you haven't heard the album, sorry to say you're not only missing out, but seriously behind the times. It released early this year and did well. The whole cd bangs [is good], for me there aren't too may cd's that I like all or a majority of the songs, this, last summer's Tha Carter III, and Kelly Clackson's Breakaway album were some of them.

Oh and people hating on her acting ability. I'd like to see you do better, and even if you can [which I seriously doubt] you'd still never do it like B. Not saying she's the best, but she's not as bad as Paris Hilton in House of Wax [THAT was bad]. Still need to see Obsessed!

On a side note, does anyone else miss Destiny's Child? I do :( actually I miss a lot of 90's girl bands. Where have they gone? Girl bands in general? Everyone seems destinysChildto busy trying to do THEMSELVES and be solo that there's no time for harmonizing. What happened to Danity Kane? Pussycat Dolls [not that I liked them, just an example]? What's sad is that I can't name anymore, because I don't know anymore.

I have nothing against boy band, or mixed groups, or solo artists, and I'm not implying that only girl groups empowered women, independence, sexuality and all that other good stuff. BUT there was just something FUN about being wit your friends and choosing a girl to be and lip sync etc, think SPICE GIRLS. I don't know, I guess I'm just weird like that.


More Rockin' Divas

no particular order

Keri Hilson aka Miss Keri Baby


Celine Dion

Alicia Keys

Erykah Badu


Norah Jones


Youtube [or Google] them and check out some of their stuff if you've never heard it.



Friday, August 21, 2009

Top 5 AHOLICs [3]

Internet Edition

5) Skype
4) Blogger
3) Youtube [F3MB0T's channel]
2) Facebook
1) Twitter [F3MB0T's profile]

These are pretty self explanatory. If you have an account or have just been on the sites you'll know, ESPECIALLY while in the depths of boredom.

Skype is like MSN Messenger or AOL messenger but with video call. or just phone calling. You can make phone calls to land lines or cell phone (at an extra cost) but all in all it's a GREAT way to stay in touch with loved ones across the country and the world.

I've known about Twitter for a LONG time, but my father being the person that he is (a computer nut) BLOCKED the site. So I couldn't get on the website at all :(. BUT while we were down in Hawaii it worked and I checked it out, and then when we got back home to the mailland I noticed that I had access to the website. I was ECSTATIC!! So I created an account. At first I wasn't that into it (as my Facebook status eventually proclaimed) and I almost deleted it. HOWEVER I stuck around for a little bit long and got HOOKED. The best part of Twitter (compared to Facebook)...I CAN UPDATE VIA MY CELL PHONE...YES [air pump]. [This was pre-smartphone]
Anyway I'm getting the hang of the tweets, tweeting and all the new lingo (# and @'s) but there is one I don't understand yet (RT) but give me time. I LOVE it.
Follow me and I'll Follow you. I'm looking for REAL people on Twitter, celebs are ok, BUT I'd prefer regular people to spammers and stars.

What Internet addictions are you enjoying? There's plenty to choose from, so take a dive.

P.S. Hawaii was FABULOUS! It definitely gets the AHOLIC stamp of ADDICTION!


Thursday, August 13, 2009


I'm actually in Hawaii on a family vacation till next week.

So more posts will be coming up...


Saturday, August 8, 2009

...wits End

I can't take it any more.

Sometimes when a person is pushed and pushed they can't go any further because they've been backed into a corner. Once there they either cower or they grow some balls and shove back. I've chosen to do the latter.

I'm finished. Sorry for the lack of details. But that's it.


Top 5 AHOLICs [2]

5) Baby shoes

4) Katherine Heigl


2) Animated movies

1) "Reality" TV

I'm in NO rush to have children. But I can't help but stop by the baby section in stores. The clothes are sooo adorable. The tiny-ness adds to the cuteness, especially the SHOES! Lol, can you imagine a teeny tiny pair of vans? OMG, heart melting.

katherine_heigl I'm SOO loving Katherine this summer. Love love love her movies. If you haven't seen The Ugly Truth definitely check it out. Such a good movie, it's officially been added to my "Chick Flick Favs" [list idea].

Was watching The Real World Cancun and they were on this past weeks episode. I'd heard them before in one of KanYe West's songs, but never too the time to find out more. But after watching the episode I went to YouTube (of course) and listened to a couple of their songs. LOVE IT! They are so, I don't even know how to describe it. Kick a55? Hmm, can't think of the words now. Just check them out. Even changed my Facebook status to a line from their song I Am NOT a Whore.

I'm a child at heart. I adore Disney movies, Disney Channel Original Movies (aka DCOMs), animated movies, Pixar, etc. I just watched Bolt. Can you guess how I reacted? Yep, LOVED it. I cried a little. Toy Story, The Incredibles, A Bug's Life, Wall-E, those are just a few really good animated movies.

We can't escape it. It's everywhere, and despite being told it's "real" we all know otherwise. REALITY TV, can't get enough. there is nothing like watching other peoples (often messed up lives) to make us feel better about our selves, or envious. Some of us have friends we like to live through, if you're married, your single friends and vise versa, not well off you "rich" friend etc. It happens. And television has brought it into the comfort of our own homes. I LOVE (probably getting tired of that word, but I have a BIG heart lol) Real Housewives of ATL & New Jersey (my favorite right now), The Hills (even though Lauren is leaving), the Real World, America's Next Top Model, just to name a few.

What addictions are you ENJOYING right now?


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Oh My GOSH a SALE!!!

Ok, so I have a shopping HABIT. ESPECIALLY online shopping! The easy accessibility of the store from one location (my bed) it's just too convenient. I can be online for HOURS just looking through the items, building up my shopping cart, and never actually order anything.

The worst part is that I fall in love with some of the items, but I know deep down that I don't need it (I already have a TON of clothes and shoes). But I just can't help myself (breaks into "Baby Got Back"). Sometimes I save the page on my browser with the intent of placing the order, I'm only deluding myself. clickbuyWith nearly $200 worth of stuff in the basket/cart I can't actually afford it, well not on my own, and I HATE asking my dad for that much money at one time, esp for something I don't really need.

Anyway I was out today, for nearly 3 hours, and I bought NOTHING. I was so proud of myself. Although it was not really that great of an accomplishment. I didn't go to my favorite store so it's more of an empty victory. Had I gone there (Target) I would've surely spent money. I live in relatively small town (20,000 people) in comparison to Minneapolis or St. Paul where i go to school. So for me Target is as good as it gets without having to driving an hour to get to a "REAL" mall.

So to add to my bad habit, sometimes I feel that I NEED to buy something just because it's on sale. Anyone ever get that feeling? (What about the enjoyment from shopping online?) I don't know, but I'm sure I'm not alone.

Favorite online shops/sites


Make-Up Manic

It's an obsession (because I can't think of a better word, someone help me out).

I've worn glass since 3rd grade and I'm about to be a Junior in college, so yeah it's been a while. As a result I didn't really do much in terms of make-up. But this was also a result of living in my small town that didn't really cater to people of color (as in there wasn't a selection of make-ups for darker skin tones) and having suffered form acne I was in need of foundation, concealer etc.

Going into college I pretty much came into my own, not only in terms of fashion, but make-up as well. Previously I felt hindered by the glasses (D & G's) and wore little to no make up, then as I started going out to the clubs and what not, I found that through experimentation, I could manipulate make-up to suit my framed face. It also helped that I was in a bigger town where lines like Maybeline and CoverGirl went BEYOND "Medium Beige" and "Honey".

Then came contacts. After a mishap that left my Dolce's broken :( I finally convinced my parent (who'd been completely against the idea for YEARS) into letting me get contacts. I was beside myself wit joy and excitement. Not to sound conceited but I feel that I am a beautiful young woman, and being forced to hide behind glasses was hard, so to finally be FREED, it was nearly EUPHORIC!

So of course I learned to work with my new canvas. It was so much fun.

YouTube. You knew it was coming, lol. Yes, YouTube, make-up tutorials were some of the first videos I watched outside of music videos. I've seen TONS of them and of course have subscribed to several "Gurus" or would-be-Gurus and SHOULD-be-Gurus.

And so another addiction began. LOL. No surprise, I watched and I watched, taking in ALL the knowledge they offered. I personally wish there were more women of color, so that I could more accurately apply there techniques, but I'm happy with what is available now.

Gurus you should check out (in no particular order).

I <3 make-up!



I FINALLY posted a new video! I'm so happy, unfortunately it was using my webcam, so the quality is not as good (esp compared to my other videos, which were made with my camera).

Anyway check it out, and my page

Sub, comment, enjoy etc.


Foot Fetish? Try SHOE Fetish!

I love shoes. ( I almost want to just end there, but I'll expand a little bit)

I LOVE shoes A LOT! (Better?)

I can't help it. Especially after entering college my love for footwear has grown. My whole wardrobe actually, I've found that by the end of the year I need MORE suitcases to pack up my clothes and shoes.

I've especially like (what a pathetic word to describe my feelings) sneakers and heels. My sneaker and heel collection has grown tremendously from maybe 2 pairs of each to I'm not even sure how many, and STILL counting.

I really like Creative Recs, Pastries, Supras, Diesel, & of course Nikes. Heels, man there are so many places to buy them that I'm not even sure I have a list, but Steve Maddens are CRAZY comfortable especially for being so HOTT (the shoes I mean).

Sneakers I'm lusting after right now...(and will buy before school starts)


Heels I love but can't "afford" Marc Jacobs (of course)...


Shoe Fetish now there's something I can get into ;).


the URGE to REGURG...

I've got the urge

the urge



and THROW-UP all the food I ate




I am by all means open to learning and understanding other peoples opinions and perspectives. But if someone tries to force something down my throat, then don't act surprised when I regurgitate it all over you in displeasure. What did you expect to happen? That I sallow it with gladness, no I'm sorry. NOT how it works, at least not for my body. IDK how you ingest your knowledge, but I don't do it via FORCE, and a lack of concern on my own beliefs and views.

*NOTE: if you don't like anything I say, or if I'm misinformed, from here on out, please inform me, correct me, or just never come back to my blog. It saves time, stress and a really cute pair of shoes :) .


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Top 5 AHOLICs [1]

Part of this blog will be to share my current OBSESSIONS and ADDICTIONS. Basically things I just can't get enough of, and would like to suggest to you. Be prepared for repeats (hence the addiction, lol).

We shall begin

5) YouTube

4) Nail Polish

3) S'mores PopTarts

2) Twist Outs

1) Basketball shorts


For those who have been on YouTube and are aware of it's obvious allure and charm, you understand it's presence on the list. if not, spend an hour on you tube, search anything (I recommend puppies and kittens, or baby laughs lol). You will find you've been on for a while, and though you search originated at point A you'll see that you ended at Z, a completely unrelated topic. Trust me there a videos about EVERYTHING just take the time to watch.

My nails are usually done (acrylics) for the nail shop, but this summer to save money I decided to let them grow out. And the filed part has finally grown out and I've been changing my nail color twice a week or more. I'm OBSESSED, and I never realized I had so many pretty colors. As a child (3 years old) my pinky had been slammed in a car door and the result was a slightly deformed nail (ick, but I've come to accept it, esp since it's barely noticeable, things could be much worse). My nails are currently Spring- Charlotte Russe topped with Bright Sky- Revlon (picture below).

I'm a huge fan of junk foods, unfortunately we don't have many, if any at my house. I'm also a night owl, who doesn't eat to much during the day, so my 11PM or midnight I'm famished. They are my go to snack (right after croissants, YUM!). They're not nutritious, but they are DELISHOUS, lol.

My hair is NATURAL (as in no relaxer, perm, texturizer etc). Not to say I don't use weaves, braids etc, but I don't permanently change the way it grows naturally. So as a result of numerous hours on YouTube (see #5) I've learned various hair styles. This one being a new FAVOITE of mine, a style that I've been rocking for the past week.

I love being comfortable, and seeing as it's the summer time, when laziness and heat rule the day. I find that basketball short are my go to appearal, not to say that I'm fashionably challenged (because I'm not, couldn't be further from the truth). BUT I love them and how they look and feel on me.

So if any of these intrigued you, I DEFINATLY would recommend them, no pressure, and no need to develop an addiction (but I make no promises lol).

rdm 004   rdm 005


Birthed from Boredom

So I'm not normally on the Internet as often as I have been this past summer, certainly not during the school year. However this summer (with no job) I've found that I have endless time on my hands, both a BURDEN and a BLESSING.

I've been able to sleep till whenever and stay up late. No homework etc. It's been FANTASTIC. But I've also been without mental stimulation (unless I'm reading) and my closest friends. In the depths of my boredom I spent my days on Facebook, which was ok, however no one else was really online, so I remained bored. I stumbled onto YouTube, which had previously been a source for music. I found that it also held an unending supply of entertainment, and information. I've learned so much, from hair and makeup tips to new yoga positions and how to naturally whiten my teeth. I was inspired by this wealth of knowledge to make my own videos.

I find that I learn/discover the most when I least expect it, and often via random occurrences/situations (i.e. being on YouTube or Google).

The bottom line is, out of my boredom and passion for journaling and reflection cam "Ramblings From a Self-Professed -AHOLIC". "AHOLIC" in terms of an obsession, or over use of (not necessarily alcohol consumption).


a budding OBSESSION

OK so I've been journaling all my life. Kept a diary for FOREVER, even did a shared diary with a friend early in high school (I'm not sure why we stopped, but it was probably for the best).

But anyway, in 2004 I started an online journal/diary on I ended up losing the password and created a new account (unfortunate I know). I'm not sure what's going on with them right now, but I missed it. Soon after I joined but i didn't keep up with it after the lose of my previous online diaries. After awhile, I think when the online journaling caught on, MSN created one, and of course I joined it, and a few other sites subsequently.

So essentially I'm not a newbie when it comes to online journaling/blogging.

I am an AVID Facebook ADDICT and have yet to join Twitter (it's inevitable that I will) also I started a "semi" (for lack of a better word) Vblog on YouTube (another ADDICTION). However things have come to a halt since my camera is out of commission for now :(.

I've been meaning to set up a sister blog with my Vblog (link above) on YouTube for a while and with the onset of pure boredom this summer NOW has become the perfect time for such an endeavor.

I love LOVE LOVE sharing my life/thoughts/emotions, whether through images or words (I make no claims at being a wordsmith, a photog, or director/actor...merely an AHOLIC).

I look forward to blogging....