I am a twenty-something college graduate, who enjoys sewing, hanging out with friends, watching YouTube videos and a whole slew of other things. A jack of all trades, master of none, but I'm working on it! I'm fun, and pretty easy going.

I love my friends and family and I love to dance and have fun. I march to the beat of my own drum no matter how faint.

I love my natural hair, and pretty much all things relating to it, I'm also a make-up junkie  fashionista and budding fashion designer (hoping to feature some of my designs/line on here).

This blog is a mix of many things. From fashion to hair to whatever pops in my head at 4AM. I enjoy shopping, baking, googling things, reading, people watching and so much more. This blog will most definitely reflect my range of interests. I make no claims of expertise, these are all my thoughts or things that I'd like to share from other sources (I'll usually include links when necessary). If you want to know more about anything, GOOGLE is your best friend.

More specifically I'd like to connect you with other bloggers or vloggers that I've found during my many hours on the internet. I want to share some hauls and my Outfit of the Days [OOTDs] and images that I think are cool, sexy, dope, fresh, sweet, cute etc etc. And above all else there will be Top 5 Aholics where I share MY MOST FAVORITE THINGS OF ALL TIME or just at that moment.

But enough of all that, read the blog and find out for yourself.


~love ME or hate ME it's still an OBSESSION~