Thursday, February 4, 2010

Top 5 AHOLICs [6]

This is a post I started early Oct. Sorry it took so long to actually post it. The yellow is my current opinion. One year later!!! But I’m FINALLY going to finish this.
  • collaborations- k. a. o. s. party
  • oversized sweaters
  • Tyra’s antics ON America’s Next Top Model
  • UGGs [leapord print]
  • dark wash skinny jeans
So later this month the four active black frats [kappas, alphas, omegas and sigmas] on campus will be collaborating to have a party. And it’s gonna be that DEAL. I can already see it now. I’m looking for a dress as we speak. I want to look good, good enough to eat. I’ve found some potentials but we’ll see. Anyway the idea of all of them coming together is VERY appealing. Imagine all that chocolate fineness in one location! YEP, mouth watering isn’t it. Like being a kid in the candy story if you will. But aside for that OBVIOUS benefit it will provide an escape for the hum drum life of classes and homework on the daily….Lets just say that party was completely BOGUS. Man talk about EPIC FAIL. The farts sold HELLA tickets but a fraction of the people could actually get INTO the venue. They didn’t refund money and the police ended up tasing people, pepper spraying everyone and arresting one or two people. It was CRAZY. I was upset. The upside is that no one saw my dress, so I can wear it to another party. And trust me i was lookin tasty lmao. Woot, anyway that’s all behind us now.

Oversized sweats
Love them. they have a certain 80’s style/feel to them, esp when pair with the right accessories and skinnies. because of their large size they’re extra comfy and warm, and cute.

Tyra Banks, man I love this woman, she is crazy though. I’m sure you’ve seen her on ANTM. Can’t say much about her, because she’s is so unique. I’ve heard people say she’s the next Oprah, but that’s hard to say. Never really agreed with the comparison of “greats”. Oprah and Tyra are different people entirely, their impacts of audiences is different as the Audiences that they attract. Mad love for the both of them though, and who knows where Tyra will be in the future now that Oprah is “retiring” [only to create MORE work for herself, congrats though].

Uggs, Uggly…watever you want to call them. You love em or you hate em. And I USED to hate them. Now I can’t get enough of my own. They are SO comfortable && they keep your feet warm. I won’t say that they go with EVERYTHING…but IF you wanted to wear them with everything you could.

Dark wash skinnies. Do I have to say much about this? STAPLE! They are the ONLY type of jeans that I wear. [I’m more of a leggings kinda girls]. But dark wash skinnies are lovely, and so versatile, [to a greater extent than Uggs].