Monday, May 24, 2010

LAW & ORDER...says goodbye!!!

After 20 years…NOW you decide to end it….UGH man talk about bad ideas.

I guess the upside is that Criminal Intent, Special Victims Unit, and a new LA spin off will continue, but STILL! :(

I LOVE Law and Order…that’s one show I can count on always being on and that I can watch back to back to back.

This is SOOOO sad.

*side note…speaking of long running shows…does anyone watch Degrassi? Man that show has REALLY changed. LIKE REALLY! I mean I understand that it’s a high school cast so people have to graduate. but i don’t recognize any of the characters. MAN.


Sandra Bullock and "the ultimate betrayal"

I love all the hullabaloo…and by love i mean HATE.

Especially since it involves “America’s Sweetheart”…

You wonder about the sanctity of marriage and the reality of love and what importance it holds in lives these days.

Cheating is WRONG, but when it comes to celebrities or well known people there are even LESS excuses that can be used. Can you HONESTLY say that you did NOT know that they were married? REALLY?!? Media, America’s life line to the private lives of other people kept NOTHING secret. There would be NO way that you didn’t know someone was seeing, dating, married, divorced to anyone. No way you could miss rumors, speculation, talk etc of any aspect of celebrities every movement.

UNLESS YOU LIVE UNDER A ROCK YOU CAN NOT MISS INTIMATE DETAILS LIKE MARITAL STATUS. Which is why I’m more sympathetic to Tiger Woods, because there is NO way those 14 women didn’t know he was married. What he did was wrong don’t get me wrong. But I’m more concerned about the fact that 14 women can claim they did not know he was married. Just say NO, it wasn’t like he FORCED the women into having sex or an affair with him. Geez.

Americans have nothing better to do that devour ever word and image printed and produced by paparazzi and news media. [We’re a very well informed group of people.]

What happened to Sandra was horrible. That’s as much as I’ll say about that. But I’m glad that she is moving on with her life. Onwards and upwards.