Thursday, March 31, 2011


I know I never explained things, and I don't really have time to now [cuz I'm in a rush]. But I'm in a "hide your hair challenge with one of my  friends. Anyway I've been using wigs as my way of protection, and I just got a new one in the mail today. I'm in LOVE!

EverDream Instant Wig 1019
Stay FAB


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Flower Power

I love when people rave about a "new" trend, when all it really is a a revival of an old one. Not that I'm hating, I love trends as much as the next person [unless the next person is someone that doesn't love trends :P ].

Anyway one of the many new trends that I'm really loving is floral prints. I'm actually wearing a floral print top right now, I'll post a picture later.

 Mixing patterns is in as well, so try it with floral. Just make sure the prints are in a similar color family.

Check out these examples, when doing any kind of print make sure that the size of the print matches your body size [tall or curvy body types can carry a larger print than petite girls].

From the runway to your way, how are you gonna show your flower power?


Monday, March 21, 2011


So I spent the weekend in the Windy City [Friday-Sunday]. It was SO much fun, saw family, went shopping, out etc. Didn't really get a chance to sight see [next time], but what we did see was amazing. There's something about living in a place and never going to see the sights, I lived in the Chicago area for 6 years and never really went downtown and explored.
Any who the two clubs/parties we went to were Soundbar and The Shrine. The line for Soundbar was RIDICULOUS, but we were able to jump it <3 connections. The Shrine was super fun too, mad I missed out on the suya though [a kabob styled food].
I have yet to do a haul from my previous shopping trip so I'll just do a combined haul, not that I bought much.

I'm sad to say but I took very few pictures, WOMP. I don't know how it happened, especially because I brought my camera with me everywhere. No pictures of the sights, or family and friends and definitely not outfits [and I looked SUPER CUTE every day/night].

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...

So I'm leaving for school later today [spring breaks not over yet though] and I decided to go shopping again, only this time at a "real" mall. I'll post some pictures of what I get, if I get anything.
But anyway as my oh so clever title implies this is a hair post. So Sunday afternoon I put my hair in twists after moisturizing it [using 1. Water, 2. Honey Hemp conditioner, 3. Olive oil] and have keep them under a satin bonnet since then [I didn't leave the house yesterday]. And last night I moisturized again [keeping the twists in using water, Cantu Shea butter leave-in, and olive oil].

Today, since I am going out I'll be rocking a twist out [of some sort].

The twists
Twist out
Side view
As you can see I did modify the twist out, I wasn't liking how my hair fell so I just pinned it up. I don't even know what to call the style but that's it. I think it looks really cute, wish I had a different hair accessory though.

Outfit of the day-Very casual and shopping friendly

Makeup, simply bronze-y, brown look
I'll post pictures of whatever I get later.
See ya'll on the flip-side.


...for the very first time

For the first time in a long time my parents let me spend the night at someone else's home, and it was in a DIFFERENT TOWN.
I also went out to bars for the first time in my home state. I was also allowed to drive somewhere other than to town for the first time [I live in the country].
It was quite the adventure, and a night filled with firsts.
I'm glad my parents are giving me more freedom, but they have to seeing as I AM 22 years old.

Regardless it was a fun night filled with memories. [And a happy birthday to my Mare-Bear.]

Look for the Night


*I should post birthday pictures from my own "extravaganza".

a-HAUL-ic [1]

First ever HAUL post, hope you like my play on words lol.
So this past weekend while home for Spring Break I did a little shopping [VERY little] and picked up some things from one of my FAV stores and a thrift store.
I'm a bargain hunter, so I'm always looking for things on sale. I'm also a shopAHOLIC, so even if i don't need it I'll most likely buy it [sad but true].

Heres what I picked up from the thrift store

Over-sized gray sweater- $1.89

Over-sized gray and black sweater- $3.10
Quilted bag- $4.50
For my knitting supplies or traveling

I also stopped at Target and got mostly beauty supplies and other miscellaneous stuff:

I need some more brushes, the ones I have been uses are falling apart. But that's what I get for ordering them off of Ebay. I got two sets:

EcoTools brush set

Sonia Kashuk Limited Edition Gold Mine Brush set
Already started using them :)

Maybelline Dream Liquid mousse and SuperStay Makeup [both in Caramel]
I bought two of each, they were on sale!

SinfulColors in 920 [a HOT pink color]
Revlon Top Speed in Lily [currently on my nails]
The camera doesn't do the colors justice, they are much more vibrant than this :(

It's a pretty lilac-y color

Rimmel London Eyebrow pencil in Dark Brown
CoverGirl Line Exact in Very Black

Elf lashes
Never put on falsies before, so I got a cheap pair to try out, wish me luck!

On to apparel, I picked up a few other things from Target. One of the things I LOVE about the one in my home town is that I can always find great deals and sales. 

Black Jeggings

Tan faux suede boots

Black patterned tights- Heart
Black patterned tights- Polka dots
I think it's some sort of animal print. I like the color gradient.

That's all of it, lol. I try not to buy the whole store when I go. Eveything was under $10 excluding the brush sets, but those were needed so I "splurged".


Monday, March 14, 2011

Top 5 AHOLICs [7]

My first set of "-aholics" this year, and they are

  1. Netflix
  2. Say Yes to the Dress
  3. Natural Hair Blogs
  4. Thrift Stores
  5. Carmex
The first was a no brainer, I went from 1 Month Free Trial to subscriber. I've always loved Netflix, because my family has been members since forever ago, when the packages were better and cheaper. But my boyfriend and I a couple months ago decided to sign-up for our own account.
I have watched countless movies and TV shows, discovered new faves and reconnected with old ones. All in all a GREAT investment, esp since I can watch it on my TV and on whatever mobile [Wi-fi enabled] device I'm on. I'd definitely recommend it, at least the free trial.
Two thumbs WAAAAAAAAY up.

Say Yes to the Dress, for those who don't know, is a TLC show about a high-end Bridal boutique in NY [Kleinfelds, where I've officially decided I will buy my wedding dress from]. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this show, I've come to the conclusion that I love everything wedding related.
This show is so addicting, I used to watch it on TV and get mad when I missed an episode or if a re-run came on. But now that I have Netflix I can watch all the seasons instantly AMAZING!

Natural Hair Blogs, well I'm natural so obviously reading them is a benefit to me. I can refer to these blogger for info on products, hair styles etc. all without have to inconvenience myself with the whole "trial and error" thing. It's fantastic, plus I meet a lot of new people on the blogs and interacting and learning about other peoples hair journeys is great.
Some that I read and follow faithfully

Number four, what more can I say. I love bargains, and some of the best places to find bargains are at Thrift stores. You can find great things from 80's jewelry, over-sized men's sweaters, vintage wedding dresses and REAL fur coats [sorry PETA] just to name a few. Check out my next haul post for some stuff I picked up recently. You can try:
  • GoodWill
  • Salvation Army
  • St Vincent de Paul [my personal fav]
  • Garage sales
  • and others

Seeing as it's winter, well sort of, dry lips are a problem for me. I hate having dry lips, I can never focus if my lips are chapped and Carmex has been my savior these past couple of weeks [I lost my Cherry Chapstick].
My lab partner told me that the reason Carmex was so addicting was because they put glass fibers into the chapstick preventing other lip balms from working. I'm a little skeptical but you never know these days.

What are some of your latest addictions? What do you think of mine?



But while I'm editing my haul post I realized that I'd only been on Spring Break since Friday [4 days] yet it feels like forever!
I managed to
  • go shopping
  • go to church
  • bar hop
  • do my hair
  • paint my nails
  • revamp my blog
  • revamp my facebook page
  • plan a trip to Chicago
  • mess up my previously clean room
  • call dental clinics about volunteering/shadowing 
  • catch up on ANTM
  • finish season 4 of Say Yes to the Dress [*and season 5]
My how time flies.
Anyway back to work.


7 months...

To say it's been a while would be an understatement. But I am back, and that's all I think matters, right? Right.
Any who I have LOTS to say and do so I'll jump right the NEXT post. Lol, promise I'll be back though.
I'm looking to revamp my page [layout]. But it's been so long I don't know if I even still know how to do all of that.

Regardless, its good being back. Next post will be a haul [Target and Thrift store, which I might return too today].

Till later