Saturday, June 18, 2011


Traditional weddings
Summer fun

       Oh how I love Saturdays. So yesterday was my friends graduation party and you already know how I feel about grad parties J. I had already made plans to go there at around midday but my mom wanted me to accompany her to a traditional wedding. See back home I had been to prolly one traditional wedding called the Cha-Wi (done by an older couple that already has kids: kind of renewing your vows in a traditional way). This one I attended on Saturday was for a newly wedded couple and it was quite interesting. I would take the time to explain to you guys but the detail is so much that I could write a book out of it so I’ll just give a brief explanation. Basically the bride’s family starts a “quarrel” with the groom’s family. They go back n forth with the groom’s family trying to console the bride’s family with gifts which range from money to expensive wine to palm wine and a whole bunch of nice words, appreciating the effort it took to raise the bride (this whole scene goes on for like 2hours, it’s quite fun to watch, like a live movie with unrehearsed lines). Then at the end the “problem/quarrel” is resolved between both families and the bride’s dad gives the newly wedded couple advice and blesses their marriage life. I did not get to my grad party till like 1am, but you know what it is, I still had fun for the remaining
         After partying till 4am and going to bed at 5am, waking up for church at 9am was super hard but I eventually woke up and got ready for church. Church was pretty awesome as we had a visiting pastor in my church. He encouraged us to be ready for Christ anytime and not to be fooled by the many people that have predicted dates that the rapture would occur (Harold Campign-diff story for diff day). But after church I went to two grad parties with a couple of friends. I had a lot of fun eating and doing a little bit of dancing as usual. I am totally sorry that I did not take pictures of my outfits on both days but the dress I wore to the grad parties on Sunday featured in my “FOR MY LOVE OF FASHION” entry. I’ll post an entry to show you how it looked like.

So what I wore looked like the pink dress, but it was deep blue. I matched it with a white cardigan and some orange sandals (tell me watchu know about color blocking, lol) but the combo was pretty good. Plain long dresses are def a trend this summer. Make it your own by adding a belt, over the shoulder purse and some huge hoops and u’re ready for a BLISSFUL day.

~Pretty P

Saturday, June 11, 2011


So as an African woman, one of the things required of you from birth is that you know how to cook [maybe exaggerated], but cooking is like a life time skill you need to have. It’s like having a four year degree from college, just that this one is a continues process. So of recent my dad has really enjoyed eating pepper soup (some African Dish made with white pepper) and I never knew how to cook it. So every time my dad said he wanted to eat pepper soup I would escape the work by saying I don’t know how to cook it. So yesterday was the D-day. My dad asked to eat pepper soup as usual and my usual response was that I don’t know how to cook it. Well guess what, my mama made me watch while she cooked it, so now I’m a certified pepper soup cooker [sadly]. I don’t get to run away again when next my dad ask to eat pepper soup :(

So I have been having the same phone for two years. I was due for an upgrade in March but I really did like my old phone. It was small and PURPLE. So yesterday I had to let go [twas kinda hard to do] and I got a new phone. I really wanted the LG Optimus S, but I had to settle for the LG Rumor Touch. I guess it’s an upgrade from a keypad to a touch. Still getting used to it though and guess what??????IT’S PURPLE TOO :)

I get annoyed at times when people talk about how bipolar Minnesota weather is, but today I just had to confirm all their thoughts on the bipolarity of Minnesota’s weather. A couple of friends and I had plans to go to lake Calhoun today. Just two days ago it was blazing hot to the extent that the highway got melted, but today when we decide to go to the beach it rains…HOW TIMELY MINNESOTA. Thanks for running my day and letting me hide that non-bikini body for prolly another week. GISSS!!

I feel like I’m talking too much, but just so much happens within the span of two days, which got me thinking…NOT. Well I turned on the TV today and guess what was on?????SMALLVILLE. Last time I saw a complete episode of that show was prolly in high school, which just reminded me of how time passes by really fast. Clark Kent is pretty grown though. He and his cousin Kera were prolly the only two people I could recognize right off the bet…yeah I’m that bad in memory. Well just thought I should say that. Oh and I also watched CSI: NY [Christmas setting] which reminded me of Christmas…I WANT IT TO BE CHRISTMAS ALREADY, real talk. I don’t care about the SNOW, but not so much for the cold though. Well you never know with this MinnesNoWta-Bipolar Weather. DEUCES guys.

~Pretty P

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Blog 101

-who the hecks am I???????????????
-graduation parties
-love for fashion
Call me Patience B. I’m 20 and belong to a family of 5 girls. I’m Cameroonian J and my favorite color is purple [just had to throw that in there]. I’m a junior at the University of Minnesota and majoring in Civil Engineering. fembot and I go way back, as far as ASA [African Student Association] lol. But it’s a privilege to be a guest blogger for fembot. I’m new to the blogging World so please pardon my first few posts. I’ll get used to it. I’ll try to blog every other day.

It’s been almost a month since the semester ended and I was looking forward to all the grad parties I could attend. Like half of the ASA board and my best friend were graduating and I definitely had their grad parties marked on my calendar. There are so many reasons why I love going to grad parties. During the school year I’m used to being around the same set of people at almost every setting, so I get excited when it’s getting towards the end of the semester coz I get to party with different people and dance to some African music and eat some good ole African food. Grad parties also remind me that it’s summer already, where I just get to chill and enjoy the hot weather.

As of now I’m unemployed, so that summer boredom is kicking in real bad. So I decided to start a lil something about fashion called “FOR MY LOVE FOR FASHION”. I basically research, observe and create what I think are rising trends for the summer (ladies only) and I try to drop one item daily. I’m on day ten of my journey (it’s going to last till I start work). I’ll try to post a few of the items on the blog for my non-facebook friends. I try to put together an outfit based on the trends every once in a while, just to let people know what it looks like when everything is combined.

-Pretty Patience

...bye bye birdie

Hey ya'll. I've been super busy and it will only get worse. I have a couple Top 5 Aholics coming but till then to keep you engaged I've added a feature blogger. I'll let her introduce herself in this next post.