Thursday, September 3, 2009

4EVER Twenty-1 L<3VE

So finally, after having had a FULL basket this whole summer on I actually ordered some of the stuff I wanted. I’d waited so long that a lot of the stuff that was originally there went out of stock :( but I totally love what I got. I already have a lot of clothes and as I’m getting older, I want to acquire clothes that will reflect that maturity [for the most part anyway, because I LOVE sneakers and tees]. I also want things that will work with items I already have and that are still MY style.

Basically I LOVE Forever 21.

blogtopLOVE it, (cuz I actually would)- SALE $6.99


Imagine with royal blue or mustard colored leggings & jewelry- $19.80


Love button downs over skinnies or leggins- $10.50


What can I say, if these don’t make my butt bigger then I don’t know what will [my butts not all that small]- $17.80


I do think he’s lovely, and HOT, I’d DEFINALTY baROCK Obama’s world (LMAO I’m a mess)- $19.00

***My opinions on President Obama’s attractiveness have nothing to do with my political affiliation. I don’t “affiliate” with any party, mostly because I can not vote [I am 20, BUT only a permanent resident of this country and not yet a citizen] so don’t misinterpret my statement above.***


LOVE the color and the print- SALE $8.99


adore the safety pin detail, grey is such a pretty color- $17.80

So cute, <3 ruffles- SALE $14.99


Total=$115.87 [thank you F21 for free shipping!]

That’s not bad compared to what it started out as at the beginning of summer [over $400!].

To bad that’s not all the shopping I'll be doing…still need to order those Creative Recs [below]!!!


And I WANT these next…


Mmm…off to bed. Shop till I drop! And I have another day of apartment shopping with my Mom to look forward to tomorrow. YAY!

Retail Therapy works wonders, even if you don’t have any problems at the moment.


“…so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, good night…”


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