Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I'm so blogging this...

Hey hey hey

My outfit from yesterday, love prints!

Outfit details
Top: Forever21 (a long time ago, see here)
Pants: H&M (recently)
Shoes: Target

So I think I've discovered my "center of balance", and it's skewed to the right. I'm sure you noticed that I have a penchant for leaning/tilting to the side. I think my body feels more at balanced/normal that way. Weird I know.

Anyway, I'll address something a little more obvious. My name change, yes, again! I've been thinking about changing the title to Fashion FEM for awhile, since before my disappearance (and it might have had a hand in my absence to be honest).

As before the content will not change, although it will more closely follow my fashion and inspirations. I'll still do OOTDs, FOTDs, Trends etc. My current location doesn't allow me to properly execute some of my ideas, but once that changes I'll add those as well. Get EXCITED!

Here's my YouTube channel (click me), check it out too, Thanks again!

Have a awesome Tuesday!


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